We hope that you enjoy using web-based physio and would like to thank you for your participation in our web-based research project. We would like to help you get the most out of web-based physio and to benefit from taking part. Below is some advice!


  • Make sure you use a password that you will easily remember and ensure you know how to use the website. Ask your research physiotherapist if you encounter any problems.
  •  Follow the exercises that you have been given, discuss any issues or problems with your research physiotherapist as soon as they occur.
  •  Complete your exercises as instructed. Maintain safety, don’t over exert yourself.
  •  Get into a routine with your exercise programme. We ask you to complete your exercises twice each week. Regularly completing your exercises is the only way in which you will reach your goals you discussed with your research physiotherapist.
  •  Complete your exercise diary each time you complete your exercises and remember to leave comments for your physiotherapist! This is the best way that we can tell how you are doing and using these we can progress your exercises. If you don’t tell us how you are doing, we won’t know!
  •  Contact your research physiotherapist if you want a change made to your exercise programme. You might want your exercises to be harder, easier or simply want a change. Remember if you do contact us, make sure you only speak to your research physiotherapist, not your study assessor who isn’t meant to know what group you have been allocated to, so please don’t tell them!
  •  Don’t complete your programme when you feel unwell or have a relapse. Seek advice from your MS nurse, consultant or GP if you need.
  •  You can contact the research team at any time about the project by email or phone. Remember, if it’s about your exercises; only speak to the research physiotherapist!