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Personalised to the individual's need

Interactive between health care provider and patient/user

Responsive to change in clinical condition


Web-Based Phyisotherapy

Our Web-Based Physiotherapy platform, consisting of exercise and education/advice sections, reduces the need for regular face-to-face consultations, supports longer term follow up of patients and provides the flexibility for patients to do their individualised programme at a convenient time and location.

Evidence base

Web-Based Physiotherapy, is an evidence-based product that has been developed by experienced clinical and research/academic physiotherapists working closely with patient groups, users and clinicians. Web-based physiotherapy is as effective as traditional physiotherapy programmes in terms of clinical outcomes and improves the patient experience. From a service perspective, Web-Based Physiotherapy has the potential to increase patient throughput and reducing waiting lists.

What our clients say about us

Its good, it’s very well laid out so it’s an easy programme to follow. I really enjoyed it, it’s been a really positive experience- confidence boosting, my legs are a bit stronger so I found myself walking better

Person with Multiple Sclerosis

My shoulder pain has almost disappeared and my balance is better and I am stronger too....I feel a lot stronger and fitter, my breathing is a lot better too

Person with Spinal Cord Injury

It’s definitely better than getting a sheet of exercise. You know yourself, you put the sheet down and you go to look at it the day before you are due to go back to see the physio and you haven’t done any of your exercises...with this you go online and you go through them. I found that better

Person with Arthritis