Giraffe Healthcare is a Community Interest Company whose mission is to provide a state-of-the-art on-line platform for the remote delivery of high quality, personalised health care services backed by expert advice and support.



Giraffe Healthcare is a community interest company and a spin out from Glasgow Caledonian University. It has been developed by experienced healthcare professionals working closely with patient groups and users. It is simple, easy to use and can be accessed by patients and healthcare professionals anywhere in the world!

Giraffe Healthcare has been designed for people who have difficulty accessing traditional face-to-face clinical services because of work commitments, rural location, specific cultural and language issues, transport problems, mobility limitation, or significant symptoms such as fatigue.



The inital product of Giraffe Healthcare is Web-Based Physiotherapy, a platform for the delivery, and remote monitoring of personalised physiotherapy programmes for people with long term conditions.

Developed by physiotherapists with over 40 years of combined clinical and research experience, we provide effective, evidence-based programmes that have the potential to increase patient throughput, reduce waiting lists and improve customer/patient satisfaction. We are continually improving the functionality of the platform, and the user experience by responding to the latest evidence, user feedback, research and technological advances.

With Web-based Physiotherapy the patient is assessed by their physiotherapist and an individualised exercise programme is set up using our extensive library of exercises including flexibility, strengthening, balance, aerobic and breathing exercises. Patients log in to their unique, personalised programme which is monitored remotely by their physiotherapist and their programme altered remotely as appropriate.