Fatigue is an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion and is common symptom for those with MS. It is important to recognise your fatigue, both when exercising and in everyday life. It is best not to ‘work through’ your fatigue as you may feel worse, often for a few days afterwards.

However, avoiding exercise and activity is not the answer. Doing so can lead to a cycle of inactivity, in which already weak muscles that aren’t used become weaker. These muscles become less efficient and require more energy to carry out tasks. This makes exercise and participating in general activity even more difficult and tiring.

fatigue cycle

The good news is that exercise can help your fatigue. It allows you to build your muscle endurance and strength to help you remain as fit and active as possible. Remember, temperature can also affect fatigue. If heat is a problem, try using a fan, open a window or use cold drinks to help cool you down when exercising.