Welcome to the advice section for Rheumatology physiotherapy. The exercises in your programme will help you manage your condition and to continue to exercise long term.

Whilst doing the exercises within this programme as advised by your physiotherapist it is important to

  • Ensure you are safe while you are exercising. Do the exercises as instructed.
  • Pace yourself . Have short breaks between exercises or repetitions, or spread your exercise programme out throughout the day if needbe.

If you have any questions or queries while following the web-based exercise programme please contact your physiotherapist.

You may also find these websites useful:

NASS- National Axial Spondyloarthritis Society

Versus arthritis 

NHS advice

NRAS- National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society 

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy  

Getting the most out of your online exercise programme

 We hope you enjoy using the Giraffe online exercise platform. To get the most out of the programme:

  • Make sure you use a password that you will easily remember and ensure you know how to use the website. Ask you physio if you have any problems. There is a patient manual to help.
  • Follow the exercises that you have been given, discuss any issues or problems with your physio as soon as they occur.
  • Get into a routine with your exercise programme . Research says it is beneficial to exercise daily.
  • Complete your exercise diary each time you complete your exercises and remember to leave a comment for your physio. This is the best way for you to tell us how you are doing and using these we can progress your exercises. If you don’t tell us how you are doing, we don’t know!
  • Contact your physio if you want your exercises changed. You may want the exercises to be harder, easier or simply want a change.