Giraffe Healthcare August Newsletter

Giraffe Newsletter – August 2020

Since the beginning of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the way that healthcare staff, including AHPs, have engaged and connected with their patients has changed drastically. To make this easier, at Giraffe Healthcare we have been offering our online physio and podiatry platform free of charge to the NHS, third sector, and hospice sector to ensure they can deliver rehabilitation programmes remotely and safely.

Recently, we surveyed our users (physiotherapists, occupational therapists and podiatrists), to get a better understanding of their experience using our online physiotherapy and podiatrist platform. We take feedback from our users very seriously, and use it to continually upgrade the platform to improve the experience for healthcare staff and patients.

We are delighted to say that the majority of feedback we received on the Giraffe platform was positive. Below is a snapshot of the results

  • 96% of respondents graded the platform as excellent or good.
  • 74% of respondents found the platform either easy or very easy to use.
  • 68% of respondents found the platform beneficial to their services (others had been seconded to acute COVID services and therefore not using the platform at that time).

Some testimonials and comments gathered from users were:

  • “Very simple to quickly learn how to use for both clinician and patients.”
  • “It was very easy to set up and then use. Patients have also managed to use it without any difficulty.”
  • “Saved a lot of time – used to have to write out each exercise programme.”
  • “Has allowed home exercises to be delivered more efficiently with the oppoprtunity for patients to record and communicate their progress with me”
  • “It is an easy to use programme. The video element of the programme makes it easier for patients to follow the exercise instructions rather than just a written description”
  • “Clear and simple to follow videos. Remote monitoring by therapist. Easy for patients to communicate with therapist via direct messaging”
  • “The range of exercises available are much more suitable for my paient group than other programmes I have used which are very MSK based and often too difficult for my patient group.”
  • “Access to good quality videos and descriptions.”
  • “Good explanatory videos, great variety of appropriate exs. and good search function.”

Overall, the feedback and comments we received were extremely positive, with aspects such as the professionalism of our exercise video catalogue and the accessibility of the platform for both patients and users being highlighted as great aspects for users. We have taken all comments provided into consideration, and will continue to adapt, evolve and improve on our online platform to make it as useful and engaging as possible for both users and patients.

Thank you to our AHP users for taking the time to complete the survey, and we look forward to contine to work closely with you to deliver safe, and effective rehabilitation for patients.